Information for Zoom hosts

The role of Zoom hosts is new and of course relates to the virtual nature of the congress. As a Zoom host we ask you to:

1. Join the session 15 minutes before it starts so that you can ask the main host any question you may have.

2. Select your relevant breakout room as indicated by the title of the session.

3. Once in that breakout room, ensure that anytime there is a technical issue you report immediately your breakout room name to the main host by returning to the main room, who will then ask the Zoom support staff to intervene.

4. Ensure that the presenter is able to run the slides and test the mic/video and if needed, please instruct how to do it.

5. Ensure that the participants are muted when entering the session and explain that they need to raise their hand when asking questions. Once their name is called upon, they need to unmute themselves and ask their question(s).

6. All the comments and feedback received in the chat are captured by you and conveyed to the presenters after the session. If you do not have the means to send it to the speakers, please send it to by indicating the full name of the presenters and the session name.

Please find the session that you are Zoom hosting via the program on the congress website, or via the virtual platform by using CTRL-F, and typing your name in the search box that appears.

To save chat in the zoom room, when clicking on the icon Chat at the bottom of your screen you will see a side window next to the main screen display. You will see at the bottom of that side window three horizontal dots. By clicking on it, you will see a small window that will appear where you can save chat on your computer as shown in the image below. Afterwards, you need to send it to a relevant presenting author.  Please contact me if you do not have the details of that person and I will forward the chat to him/her.