Instructions to navigate through online platform

Welcome to the First EAA 2021 Virtual Congress

The tutorial video and text below will help you easily navigate through the online platform as well as familiarise yourself with the programme.

In the first week of May, you will receive a separate invitation link to the online platform. Please look out for that email and check your spam folder in case you do not receive it in your inbox. Upon receipt of the invitation link, please click on it, which will take you to the EAA 2021 online platform. The layout of the platform is simple and easy to navigate. You can scroll down or scroll to the right to view all the scheduled events and sessions.

As the programme is quite dense, allow us to show you quick ways of finding the necessary information at the tip of your fingers. On the top menu, you will see filters, dates, track, session type and session chair. If you would like to view Parallel sessions only, please click on session type to view the dropdown menu and select Parallel sessions. You will now see all the Parallel sessions scheduled in the programme.

If you would like to narrow down your search by just selecting a category, you can do so by clicking on the track menu and by selecting the category you wish to view.

To view a session, you need to click on it, which will result in a new pop-up window. At the top of this pop-up, you will see the relevant information on this session in terms of session chair,  zoom host and discussant (if it is a PSD). Further below you will see the papers scheduled for presentation in this session. On the side of each paper, you can see a small icon that allows you to download the paper should you wish to have a glance.  The presenting authors’ names are underlined, so make sure if you are a presenting author to note it in your agenda. At the top of the window, you will also see an agenda icon which will allow you to mark it in your own agenda. By clicking on the icon agenda, you will see different calendar options that you can select from. For example if you use outlook, you will download the calendar appointment for the session by clicking on download outlook. You will need to open it and save it in your agenda. As simple as that.

Closer to the Congress, you will see a button called ‘Join’ in each session and event. By clicking on that button, you will join your event. Important to note is that paper sessions will be organised as breakout rooms in the zoom meeting. The breakout rooms will have the name of each session. You will need to select the session you would like to attend by clicking "join". Please watch a short video on it. If you are a presenting author, please ensure that you join your session 10 minutes before the start so that can you ensure that your mic and screen sharing function are working on your side. In order to improve the virtual experience, please download the latest version of Zoom. It is very important to download the latest version if you are a presenting author to avoid any technical mishaps.

If you wish to quickly find out when the presentation of your paper is scheduled, on the left-hand side of the Congress platform, you see the tabs which will help you with it. By selecting presenters, in the search field you can look for your name and mark it in your agenda as was shown above. 

A mini-programme containing information on presenters, session chairs, discussants and zoom host will be uploaded on the EAA 2021 Congress website as well as under the Information tab on the online platform. This information tab will be updated with the highlights of the Congress as well as other relevant information. So you are encouraged to check this tab regularly before and during the Congress.

If you have volunteered to be a zoom host or a discussant, the easiest way to find where you are scheduled is by clicking Ctrl+F function and by typing your name.

The recordings of symposia will be available with a hyperlink on the online platform in the event you are unable to join from the beginning or at all.

We are also happy to have a dedicated page to our sponsors. We encourage you to drop by to say hello and learn more about them. By clicking on the operator icon, you will join a zoom meeting where one of the delegates will be happy to answer your questions.

Our sessions are set up in such a way that will allow all participants to share their screens. With that in mind, we kindly ask you to respect and follow the virtual etiquette by muting your microphone if you are not presenting.

We have also prepared some zoom backgrounds per category for your use during the Congress!

On this note, we will let you explore the online platform and look forward to welcoming you!

2021 EAA Virtual Congress Organising Committee