Classroom Session 

Wednesday, 26th May 2021  -  13:30-15:00

“Integrating Data Analytics into Your Accounting Courses Using Power BI”

The recording is available here.

Professors Guido L. Geerts (University of Delaware) and Gail Hoover King (Washburn University) will lead a practical classroom session during this year’s annual virtual congress on ‘Integrating Data Analytics into Your Accounting Courses Using Power BI’.

This workshop provides information on how to integrate data analytics into your accounting course through a hands-on introduction to Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence/data analytics tool developed with Excel users in mind.

First, we will discuss what Self-Service Business Intelligence tools are and introduce the Data Process Chain—the different phases in a data analytics project. 

Second, through a hands-on exercise, using Power BI, you will learn:

  • How to visualize data
  • How to analyze specific data relationships
  • How to look at the same data from different perspectives
  • How to build interactive reports
  • How to drill-down into data

Third, we will share some of our experiences regarding the integration of data analytics into our accounting classes. Issues we will address include the “Where in the accounting curriculum should we teach data analytics” and “How many tools should we teach and in what depth”. We will also discuss what we have learned about the knowledge base students need and scaffolding techniques that allow them to build the knowledge and skill sets needed to apply the data analytics process chain.


Guido L. Geerts is a professor of accounting and EY Faculty Scholar at the Lerner College of Business, University of Delaware, where he teaches accounting information systems and data analytics. He received a Ph.D. in accounting information systems from the Free University of Brussels, Belgium in 1993. Guido has published more than twenty articles in accounting and information systems journals. He has received numerous teaching, research, and service awards, including the 2015 University of Delaware's Excellence in Teaching Award and the 2018 American Accounting Association Outstanding Service Award. Guido is the former chair of the Technology Task Force for the Pathways Commission Recommendation 4 (Curriculum and Pedagogy) and currently serves as a Trustee on the AICPA Foundation Board.

Gail Hoover King is a visiting professor for the School of Business at Washburn University where she teaches the Foundations of Data Analysis course.  She received her doctorate from the University of Northern Illinois School of Business, in Business Education with concentration in finance.  Her research focuses on learning, assessment and curriculum.  She has received numerous teaching and service awards, including the 2017 Jim Bulloch Award for Innovations in Management Accounting Education sponsored by the IMA, 2017 Mark Chain Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award from the AICPA/Federation of Schools of Accountancy, and 2016 Bea Sanders/AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award Honorable Mention.  She has been recognized for her service to the American Accounting Association receiving the  2014 American Accounting Outstanding Service award and the 2019 Hall of Honors Award from the Teaching Learning and Curriculum Section.